It’s Tougher To Find A Job In Hua Hin Than Elsewhere In Thailand

For those who don’t know HuaHin, it’s a city about 3 hours south of Bangkok along the Gulf of Thailand. It is famous for being the location of the summer palace of the King of Thailand and is very popular when Thai tourists arrive from Bangkok on weekends. In addition to the beach (5 km down the coast to KhaoTakiab hill), HuaHin has a lively night market, some great seafood restaurants and some of Thailand’s best golf courses. It is a popular retirement spot for expats attracted to its many international restaurants, warm and dry temperatures and plenty of lively bars. Expats can find good accommodation options (i.e. to Western standards) in condominium buildings along the coast, as well as all imported food in both boutique stores and some fancy shopping malls. It’s really a city perfect for the expats.

Things to Consider in HuaHin
Many people who come to HuaHin are just looking for a relaxing life, leaving the work and business pressures in their home countries behind. This is not always the case, however, and some may want to stay active, business or add to their money to live in style here.

The first consideration is that a foreigner must have a work permit for any kind of employment/business. You are in breach of employment law without one and are therefore liable to arrest, imprisonment, fines, and deportation. In essence, Thailand is very protective of jobs such as a job in HuaHin that its own citizens can perform and you must always show that you can do something better than a local to obtain a work permit.

Increase in Population
There is a growing population of expats in HuaHin. It is said that 3,000 to 5,000 expats and approximately 80,000 Thais live here. It often seems more with well over 1,000,000 tourist arrivals each year. Many European and English expatriates have retired while others have second homes. This has made a much busier place what was a sleepy little fishing village. While Bangkok Thais is still mainly a tourist resort, HuaHin has an increasingly international flavor and makes it more interesting to live in HuaHin.

With its good climate, infrastructure development, world-class golf courses and welcoming locals throughout the year, HuaHin is becoming Thailand’s top destination for those who want to move. It will be a challenge to find a job in HuaHin, but you can maximize many opportunities in the area. If you don’t know what to expect, relocation can be a headache. You need to be prepared to deal with Thai Customs, bring your own personal belongings, different standards, banks, and technology.

How Do You Apply For Online Jobs?

When looking for a job nowadays, most of your applications will be one online, either through job portals or job websites, or directly on the website of the company. But before starting the process of finding and applying to online jobs, it’s a good idea to be prepared for the process. This means collecting all the information you need for a smooth application process. This will make it a lot easier for you during the process.

What You Need?
When applying online, you will most likely have to complete online applications. Some sites will require you to create an online profile with all your details and information, or even to upload your resume and cover letter. Be sure you have this on hand. And if you are applying to multiple jobs, or creating multiple profiles, make sure all your information matches. Some employers do thorough research of candidates, and if they see that your profiles are inconsistent, it could create a negative image.

Take A Look Back
It’s important to have the details of your employment history ready and on hand. Online applications usually ask for the same thing and it can get repetitive to keep on retyping. Have all your information saved in a document that you can always refer to right away when you need it.

Create Accounts On Job Sites
Today, there are so many job sites that offer online jobs that you can apply to. If you really need a job, it won’t hurt to create multiple accounts on different sites. The more accounts you have on different websites, the more chances of you finding a job that you will like and landing an interview.

Apply Directly On Company Websites
Another option you can take is applying directly on company websites. If you have certain companies, or a list of companies in mind, you can visit their website one by one. Usually, they will have a career page that lists all their job openings and how you can apply to them. Some will allow you to apply directly, while others will provide contact details of the person you can send your resume and cover letter to instead. It will be different for every company, so be sure to read the instructions carefully before you proceed to send your applications.

Finding and applying for jobs online is a lot simpler now with the internet. All it takes is a little bit of patience and perseverance to find the job that will be the perfect fit for you.

When You Take A Job In A Foreign Country, Know The Tax Laws

What are taxes? Why is it important to pay my taxes? Do we really need to pay taxes? These are the most common questions that an individual asks himself/herself when pertaining to taxes.

Taxes are charged by the government for funding projects such as the construction of roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, stations, other benefits, etc. Its main goal is to help a country to improve and to develop. Though, most people find taxes as money in which politicians obtain for their corrupt purposes.

Did you know that all the people pay tax? Well, this is true. Everything that we avail or shop, from food supplies to other things that you need, has a tax on it. Furthermore, the tax is charged additionally to you depending on the number of earnings you get. The higher your earnings, the higher the tax. Also, you will be paying your taxes up until your death.You also pay tax for your properties. However, this could vary depending on the tax laws that your country or state is implementing.

Tax Laws for Overseas Workers
For employees who work abroad, they also pay taxes. Again, depending on which country are you in, this could be different. Hence, it is important to know the different tax laws or the tax system that are regulated in your place wherever you are staying. Also, it is essential to be updated on the changes that happen with regards to your taxes.

Crimes for Tax Evaders
Even though the extra amount charged by the taxes are very high, it is a requirement to pay for your taxes. Not doing so, it might lead to months in jail or a higher amount of payment. Some could be facing tax fraud. Many individuals are accused of this, from corrupt officials all the way to celebrities. Thus, as a warning, don’t plan to avoid paying taxes.

Importance of Taxes
As an individual and a law-abiding citizen, it is important to remember your duty with regards to your paying of taxes. Remember that your taxes will be on a greater good especially most of them are for funding government projects. Take note that, you are included with this since you will benefit from it. They also help in supporting our police force and firefighters. Also, tax aids in controlling one’s economy.

Just always look on the bright side and think of the beautiful things that tax could give to you.

Diving Instructor: Combine A Great Lifestyle With Your Work

The underworld is something that we see in a television show or in pictures, most of the time. Not all are able to witness it on a personal basis. It is not often that ordinary swimmers will see the world beneath the waters. It is another experience that anyone should dream.

Looking at the underworld from the pictures, you can only create imaginations that lack deep emotions. Experiencing the underworld on a personal level is much different from the pictures we see and the movies we watch.

If you want to see the world of the fish and other sea creatures, you must learn to be a diver. The only way for you to do it is to take the plunge and wet yourself with them.

The good thing is that there are diving instructors that can teach how to swim underneath. There are at least two forms of diving. The diving they do like sports and diving which uses scuba. Among these two, scuba diving gives the chance for anyone to see the water world

To be a diving instructor, you now have to take their courses. Just like any other activity that uses skills, diving has a formal course. And they also provide the license for you to swim. It is no ordinary skills that you can acquire. Like driving a car, you have to learn the basics of diving

 The safety of divers is the most important of all. Learning the basics will secure you. The attention you need during practices will guarantee your safety. On the other hand, being a diving instructor means two things. It can be a source of income and at the same time, it can help people develop their skills.

If we are talking of diving instructor at the sports level, you still have to train and practice a lot. It is not just a simple dive that you do when you swim in ordinary pools. The different flips and turns can cause injury if not properly executed.

If we are talking about the scuba diving, the proper use of equipment, proper breathing, right signals used under the water is key to your dive. The pressure can kill. If the right measurement is not met, the oxygen can run out faster than you thought. This is not just about your skills. It is also doing the right things once you know it. You have to learn it and practice it correctly.

Job Hunting In Phuket – How To Start

Planning on finding the best dream job for you? You can start by limiting your job search in great places – Thailand to be exact. Thailand has been known for a lot of things. It has great food, rich culture, hospitable people and most of all, high paying jobs. Yes, the latter might shock you but it is true that Thailand is known in providing high paying jobs to foreigners because they are very much willing to pay a huge salary for foreigners who are also willing to teach English or in other similar jobs.

So, if you have already decided on finding a job in Thailand, well you can further limit it in Phuket. Phuket is known for having the best vacation spots and if you are a foreigner working there, consider yourself to be in vacation while working because you would definitely feel that you are having a great vacation from enjoying all the wonderful sights there while at the same time, doing your job.

Steps in finding a job:

Finding a job in Phuket is easy really. If you are not yet in Thailand, all you need is to make an online search and simply type in the kind of job that you are think you are most qualified to work in Phuket. Believe me, you won’t be finding empty searches because there are a lot of jobs that you can apply for in Phuket.

  • Limit to a particular job that you are good at or qualified to work for.

If you have present or past experiences for a certain job, then that would be considered to be an ideal job that you need to apply for in Phuket. If you can support it with references and documentary credentials, then that would better back up your application.

  • Research on the background on the company that you are applying for.

While it is true to focus on finding a great job in Phuket, it is also equally important to stay safe and be vigilant from bogus employers and employment scams. You have to make a thorough background research on the company that you will be applying for.

  • Learn everything about Thailand.

Once you have finally been hired for a job and you are set about to going to Thailand for work, the next challenge then begins and that is learning everything about Thailand. This would include learning their language, culture, tradition and of course, where to go in Thailand.